In 1997, Paul Rorem became the second editor of Lutheran Quarterly, new series, with Timothy Wengert joining the staff as Associate Editor, a partnership that continues into the thirtieth anniversary year.  Their first issue (LQ 11, Spring 1997) reflected a continuation of LQ’s theological commitment to an emphasis on justification “by faith alone,” with essays by Gerhard Forde, Gerhard Sauter, and Meg H. Madson, all on justification.  Over the years, Wengert has also contributed over twenty essays to the journal, and has edited special issues and books.
oliver olson portrait lutheran quarterlyThe Autumn issue of 1997 was a seventieth-birthday tribute to Oliver K. Olson, who has remained as President of Lutheran Quarterly, Inc. The Table of Contents indicates his breadth of interests, with all the essays written by his students.

In 1998, Steven Paulson succeeded Carter Lindberg as Book Review Editor and served in that role until 2003 when he became an Associate Editor alongside Wengert. In 2012, Paulson, a frequent contributor, became a member of the Board of Directors of Lutheran Quarterly, Inc.

1998 lutheran quarterly board

Pictured at their annual meeting on December 4, 1998, are directors Joseph Burgess, David Hardy, Gerhard Forde, Ronald Feuerhahn, James Kittelson, and Oliver K.  Olson. Also pictured are staff members: Editor Paul Rorem, Associate Editor Timothy Wengert, Book Review Editor Steven Paulson, and Managing Editor Virgil Thompson.

Photo: Lutheran Quarterly Directors

Photo: Lutheran Quarterly Editorial Staff

In or around 1999, a promotional eight-minute video was developed by President Oliver K. Olson and Director Roald Kindem, emphasizing the way Lutheran Quarterly supports faithful preaching. Appearing in the video are directors and editors Walter Sundberg, Jr., Oliver K. Olson, James Kittelson, and Paul Rorem.

Video: The 1999 Promotional Video

2001 lutheran quarterly table of contentsThe Winter issue of 2001 published essays marking the 2000 English edition of the Lutheran Confessions, The Book of Concord, edited by Timothy Wengert and Robert Kolb, who also joined the Board of Directors that year. That issue’s Table of Contents reflects the lectures by Wengert, Kolb, Irene Dingel, Charles Arand, and James Nestingen that had been delivered earlier that year at seminaries of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Photo: The Table of Contents for the Winter 2001 issue

bayer living by faith lutheran quarterly 2003

In 2003, “Lutheran Quarterly Books” was begun with Eerdmans Publishing Company with the appearance of Oswald Bayer’s Living By Faith.

Photo: First Lutheran Quarterly Book, Oswald Bayer's Living by Faith: Justification and Sanctification.

Three more “Lutheran Quarterly Books” from Eerdmans secured the book series as a steady source of Lutheran theology, with titles by Timothy Wengert, Gerhard Forde, and Mark Mattes. (For a full list of LQ Book titles, see the 2013 entry.)

Mark Mattes joined Lutheran Quarterly as an Associate Editor. In addition to his essays and books as author or editor, he has contributed more book reviews over the years than any other reviewer.