The second year of publishing Lutheran Quarterly featured a major anniversary and a special issue, “The Church in New Sweden, 1638-1988.”

Photo: Table of Contents of “The Church in New Sweden, 1638-1988.” 

This issue on the Swedish Lutheran landing and settlement in the Delaware Valley was later available as a hard copy book with detailed map, edited by Oliver K. Olson.

Photo: Cover of “The Church in New Sweden, 1638-1988.”

One of the noteworthy and popular essays in the early years was James Nestingen’s “Preaching Repentance,” Lutheran Quarterly 3 (Autumn 1989): 249-266, requested often as a reprint.

Tübingen Lutheran theologian Oswald Bayer appeared again in Lutheran Quarterly, following his first essay in 1988, and on his way to becoming the journal’s most frequent contributor with twenty-five articles. (See also 2012 for Bayer’s special contribution.)

outmoded condemnations gottingen lutheran quarterlyA major statement on Lutheran-Roman Catholic doctrinal “antitheses” by the Göttingen Faculty of Theology was translated for Lutheran Quarterly over three issues in 1991 and later appeared as a self-standing book.

muhlenberg table of contents lutheran quarterly

Continuing to mark historical anniversaries, Lutheran Quarterly produced a special issue on “The 250th Anniversary of the Arrival in America of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg.” 

Paul Rorem became Associate Editor, succeeding Kenneth Hagen, working with Editor Oliver Olson in general and with responsibility for the Summer issues annually.


Another book appeared from Lutheran Quarterly, assembled from the 1987-88 installments on Namibian church history by Shekutaamba Nambala, edited by Oliver K. Olson as assisted by Walter Sundberg, Jr.

Photo: Cover of History of the Church in Namibia.

Photo: Table of Contents of History of the Church in Namibia.


historic lutheran map A special issue of Lutheran Quarterly (Winter 1996) on “Lutheranism in the Delaware Valley” was supplied to voting members and visitors at the Philadelphia Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1997, complete with a map of historic sites.

Photo: Table of Contents from “Lutheranism in the Delaware Valley.”

Photo: Map from “Lutheranism in the Delaware Valley.”