satcher-david1_thumb.jpgThe federal Healthy People initiative for 1990 is produced. The Healthy People 1990 initiative was titled “Promoting Health/Preventing Disease: Objectives for the Nation.” The Healthy People initiative is the result of a multiyear process that reflects input from a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

The Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved is founded by Dr. David Satcher, then President of Meharry Medical College who later became the 16th Surgeon General of the United States. The first issue was published in the summer of 1990, and has continued to be published quarterly since then.

Some highlights from the first issue include Dr. Satcher’s introduction and a paper presented by then-Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan:


A Time of Remembrance and New Beginnings, by David Satcher, MD, PhD 

The Federal Initiative: A New Look at Our Health Policy for the Poor and Underserved, by Louis W. Sullivan, MD

    Kirk Johnson becomes the first Editor of the JHCPU.

    Photo: Dr. David Satcher, former President of Meharry Medical College.