Hobby fellows2

Hobby Fellows play an integral role in the office of SEL Studies in English Literature. The graduate students assist with fact checking, copy editing and the book review process. As they gain experience, the Fellows move up through the system and learn to manage the editing process and take over more important supervisory roles. The Fellows program has been very important in building the resumes of graduate students as well as exposing them to the international experience of publishing a journal.

Fifty-one students have served as Hobby Fellows over the years:

Ronit Berger
Adriane Bezusko
Yvonne M. Bruce
Cassandra Casiano
Christine Cox
Anne Dayton
Jill Delsigne
Basak Demirhan
Anna Dodson
Heather Elliott
Victoria Ford-Smith
Pamela J. Francis
Scott David Goodwin
Michael Griffiths
Elizabeth Fenton
Jaya Hariprasad
Duncan Hasell
Jeffrey E. Jackson
Joshua Kitching
Eun-Young Koh
Ginny Lane
Andrew Lazo
Cory Ledoux
Shannon Leonard
Karen Lewis
Benjamin C. Lourence
Kara Marler-Kennedy
Michael Meeuwis
Heather Miner
Susannah Mintz
Kevin Morrison
Janet Myers
Jennifer Nauck
Deborah Needleman
Joanna O'Leary
Joy Pasini
Louise Penner
Michael Quick
Sarah Reese
Amelia Scholtz
Corrie Schweitzer
Molly Slattery
Leah Speights
Mary Stripling
Merrill E. Turner
Gina Weaver
J. E. M. S. Weeks
Teresa Yu-wen Wei
Carolyn White
Elizabeth Coggin Womack
Jayme Yeo

Hobby fellows