In 1987, Lutheran Quarterly (new series) began publishing Lutheran history and theology on a scholarly level as a revival of Lutheran Quarterly (1949-1977), itself a successor to Evangelical Review since 1849, Lutheran Quarterly Review, 1882, and the Augustana Quarterly, 1922. The new series of Lutheran Quarterly continues the predecessor statement of aims: to provide a forum 1) for the discussion of Christian faith and life on the basis of the Lutheran confession; 2) for the application of the principles of the Lutheran church to the changing problems of religion and society; 3) for the fostering of world Lutheranism, and 4) for the promotion of understanding between Lutherans and other Christians.

1984 Board MinutesReviving Lutheran Quarterly was the work first of all of Oliver K. Olson, in conversations over several years with various Lutheran historians and theologians. Such informal consultations culminated in September 1984 with an organizing meeting of the Board of Directors of Lutheran Quarterly, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oliver Olson was named Editor and Kenneth Hagen Associate Editor.

Photo: Lutheran Quarterly, Inc. launch meeting minutes.

1984 OfficersThe first officers of the organization were named as: President, Oliver K. Olson; Vice-President Walter Sundberg, Jr., 2nd Vice President Gerhard Forde, Secretary and Treasurer, Cynthia C. Ramseyer. Shortly afterward, Earl Ensberg was named Treasurer.

Photo: 1984 Board of Directors.